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[05 Mar 2012|10:02pm]
hi, i'm alive?

i'm going to try to get back into LJ and stuff because i miss all of you guys! you know, if you haven't, like, deleted me and changed journals and god knows what else.

life is dumb.

boys are dumb.

there are rampant break-ins happening in our neighborhood. my car was broken into and stuff was stolen out of it on last thursday and that made the 4th in, like, two weeks which we just found out today. (also according to my mom, someone tried to actually come into the house last night around 9. like, shaking the doorknob and stuff. scary bzns.) except idk why they just broke into my car. the other three were people's houses and they were ransacked and, like, ALL of their high end electronics were stolen. i'm only guessing that our incessantly barking, demonic sounding dog had something to do with it. the stupid thing is, is that if anyone ever actually broke into the house he'd just be like OH GOD PET MEEEEE and the barking would stop. he's useless really.

EXCEPT that our mailman got changed a few weeks ago and the lady has decided that she's scared of our INSIDE ONLY dog and she won't deliver our mail. she sure as hell still walks through our yard, though. she's a bitch. i'm just going to smack her in her dumb face if i ever have to interact with her. if you're scared of dogs, you should not become a mailman. that's like saying "i hate kids, so i'm going to become an ice cream truck driver and then not stop when children run up to my van. because they're kids and i hate kids." retarded.

i might be kind of in love with nate ruess. again. ugh.
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[01 Dec 2010|09:18pm]

what is this i don't even.
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[29 Nov 2010|06:31pm]
sometimes life just fucking sucks.

my big sister was just diagnosed with stage 3 kidney failure and right now it's just a whole jumble of shit going on. she was sick for a separate reason, then she found out about this kidney thing after they did a blood panel to see why she was so tired which could have been related to her original sickness (but wasn't, obviously), and then one of her medicines that she was taking for being sick in the first place made her even MORE sick so now she has to take medicine to get over THAT before they can do any more testing.

it's not like i think this is a death sentence for her, but i'm still so scared. i don't want to be going to her funeral until i'm 80.
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[05 Nov 2010|05:22pm]
I am unamused by what my car is doing to me. My emergency break light comes on whenever I hit 2000 RPM after being stopped at a stoplight. My key fob is dying and my second key (that I have never used) doesn't work at all. If I have to drive all the way up to Humble and leave my car for like a week to get electrical problems fixed, Imma shank somebody.
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[28 Sep 2010|05:53pm]

Lol everyone is mad at me today. I love it.

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[17 Sep 2010|08:19pm]
lmao are you kidding me Apple? There "is a problem with a previous purchase" so I "must update my billing information" because you changed your retarded TOS *again* and now require that I tell you whether I am a Mr. Mrs. or Ms.?

Good job, good job.
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[31 Aug 2010|09:08pm]
it's nice that there are couples in the world that are legitimately happy. i'd be jealous of them if i had the energy.
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[29 Aug 2010|09:54pm]
i hate my life.

first order of business as manager: buying this phone of *death* a sparkly yellow cover. i would like to see it be the harbinger of everything evil when it glitters like the fucking sunshine.
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[28 Aug 2010|10:55pm]


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[27 Aug 2010|02:09pm]
Work is so boring :(

I'm glad we at least have TV because otherwise I would be miserable.

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[26 Aug 2010|06:25pm]
I really want some gelatto.

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[25 Aug 2010|01:47pm]
1. Why does the LJ app suck so much?
2. Not a huge fan of being manager thus far. :|

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[25 Aug 2010|12:29am]
ok, so, slightly worrying... one of my online classes says it is "not available" yet. hello semester started yesterday. these things should be fixed by now.
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[24 Aug 2010|11:01pm]
  • still not dead
  • semester started. i remain unamused, except for the barefoot guy and the really old guy (approx. 900 with visible hearing aids and all) in my existentialism class. they amuse me.
  • ok so another thing that amused me today: trying to find my books in the campus bookstore which was impossibly crowded and there were these two freshman girls standing right where i needed to be to get my existentialism books and the LOOK ON THEIR FACES when i picked up a book called "The Antichrist" (Nietzsche). i about fell on the floor laughing, omg.
  • i'm really thinking about buying a new computer soon, but we'll see.
  • ditto new tv.
  • marie is evil.
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[21 Jun 2010|10:58pm]

haha. hahahahahaha.

Oh Reddit. I do love you.
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[21 Jun 2010|09:10pm]
iPhone updates make me happy. Probably too happy.
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[02 Jun 2010|04:54pm]
We now have proof that it was my father that's been using my social. Don't get me wrong, no one will as yet let me see my credit report, but we tried a different credit agency and their "security" questions gave more information away. He also used my social to buy a house in Hawaii in 2003 and a car in 2004. Fabulous. I hope he got a horrible interest rate.

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[26 May 2010|10:02pm]
- today was horrible/
- i might be a little drunk
- spell check is easier when there are red squigglies to tell me i misspelled something instead of just a phone changing what i typed when maybe it was right or maybe it wasnt
- my waiter was gay tonight and now he is my bff and i think maybe he thinks my name is sweetie or something because thats what he keeps calling me and idek he is sweet and adorable and i love him and he is going to come to see me at work on friday
- i ordered shoes monday and they are in houston but they wont be delivered until the 28tgh and thats not fair because i want them noooooooooooooooooooow
- i need a haircut
- lingtone
- that is all
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[25 May 2010|11:58pm]
- My Internet needs to stop the work for a few hours/dead for a few hours schtick. It is getting old.
- I get to train two girls at the same time from 2-6 on Thursday. They are not even on the same day of training. This is insanity.
- I have to be the manager this weekend as I am the assistant and our manager is going on vacation. I may kill someone because it is Memorial weekend and as such is a big tanning holiday. My life, what is this.
- Adorable boys make most things better.
- Do not want to go to work at 6:30 tomorrow. :|

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[24 May 2010|08:19pm]
Well I was typing out a post on the official LJ app for iPhone and then it crashed and killed my post so there goes that.

What I was in the process of trying to post:
- I have been a horrible LJ friend and I am aware of this.
- To remedy the situation I have decided that I am going to start posting in lists.
- I love lists.
- Zucchini is delicious. That is all.

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